Your Greatness

How great are you? Are you even willing to consider yourself great? For the past few months greatness has been a theme for me. It began with the call series: Finding The Greatness of You. Considering yourself great is often equated with arrogance. Do  you, at least internally, congratulate yourself when you accomplished something or do you […]

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Access Bars®

I am so excited. It seems that science is now confirming what those of us who have been running Bars have know for some time based on our personal experiences: reduced stress, more energy, feeling alive, connection to the universe and so much more. Earlier this year, Gary Douglas, the founder of Access Consciousness®, and […]

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Change, change and some more change

It’s been a while. There has been and continues to be a lot of change, both within as without. In August, I took an advanced Access Consciousness® class called the Symphony of Possibilities. That class rocked my world, changed a lot within me and continues to do so. Sometimes I compare it to a major […]

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