Who Are You?

How do you answer this question?

Most people answer from their head, listing data points about gender, marital status, job, etc. Is that all you are ------- or are you so much more than that?

What if you can have access to that awareness? And, at the same time, gain clarity on your purpose? You can if you answer the question from a different space. It takes some time, so be patient.

This is a three-part workshop. In part one, I'll provide some 'technical', energetic information about how to get to the answer. Part two and three are check ins in regard to how it is going for you and to answer any questions that have come up. There are two weeks in between each of the sessions.

Times and Dates:
Investment in You: $ 100
Location: your computer

How do you communicate from that space? 

You may want to check out the page The Art of Communication