Skillfully using questions, Corinna empowers you to get out of the story and to find what is actually true for YOU

Deeply caring about her clients, Corinna has no judgment or expectations of them as a person or their life. Her aim is to support the client in developing their personal leadership skills. That includes developing their authentic self and finding out what kind of life they would like to live, apart from everybody else's ideas of what should be. In addition, she supports clients individually in changing what does not work in their lives. She adds to that by writing articles for her blog as well as magazines, has a free online community and facilitates workshops that leave participants happy with the results.

What if we all could live in a world where kindness, no judgment, contribution, and joy were the norm? Where we consider the impact of our choices on all and desired to create more for all people, the world, nature, and the earth. Where we actively created our future based on the above ideas in pragmatic ways?

Would that be a world you desired to live in too?

Who am I?’ is a question that is like a thread through most of Corinna's life. The answers she found growing up did not satisfy her. A move from Germany to the USA which was supposed to be 2 to 3 years became permanent and opened some doors to other explorations. Each one was good for some time and then Corinna again became restless, dissatisfied. There was more, there was something else, she just did not know how to get to that space. And so she continued searching, with each ‘step’ finding more of herself, developing her leadership skills by being involved in social organizations.

This search changed when Corinna came across Access Consciousness®. She calls it a modality that teaches the art of questioning. Corinna really enjoys this looking from a different perspective, especially if there is not a right or a wrong perspective. There is just a being in question. This absence of judgment was absolutely refreshing, since judgment is all around us.

Corinna still asks ‘Who am I?’ and now it is from a completely different space. She is no longer searching for an answer or a definition. Now it is from a space of wonder. It is also from a space of checking in with herself if she is being truly herself.

In addition, there are the explorations of Being Herself with the earth, with her body, with money, in relationship, with her business, having her voice in these areas of her life and in the world. 

If any of these are areas is one you are interested in, let’s see what Corinna can contribute to you.