Completing the Circle

In today's society, there is not much knowledge about Rites of Passage anymore. Most people don't know what makes a Rite of Passage and the phases of one. You can read more about it on the page Rites of Passage

Life presents us with two of the three phases and it is almost impossible to have a community witness the 'new you' or have an elder listen to the experience and acknowledge the transition. We have many old people, yet hardly any elders that have completed their Rites of Passage. An Elder has the wisdom of knowing how light and shadow work, who knows how to listen and do it without judgment, perceiving the parts that are important for the person who got initiated.

I worked for many years as a Rite of Passage guide. Although I no longer accompany them into Nature during, I still listen to the 'stories' of the challenge or ordeal. Learning about the need for that, I am offering it to the public.

To apply for this service, please download the Word document, fill it out and send it to me

corinna at

I will contact you with any further information. 

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