Rites of Passage

A Rite of Passage is a ceremony that marks a transition in life. It can be one of the obvious ones like becoming an adult, getting married or retirement, or it can be a more hidden one like a a personal change.

Each Rite of Passage has three phases:

  • Severance (an ending, letting go)
  • Threshold (the initiation)
  • Incorporation (the new beginning, living what was marked)

Today, in our societies, we have no Rites of Passage. We have celebrations marking transitions like graduation from schools or marriage. Life may initiate us with endings and, at times, a challenge. 

Yet as humans, we have an instinctive need for initiation. The loss of Rites of Passage as a meaningful initiation has led to modern and often unhealthy ways to self-initiate like drinking, using drugs or risky behaviors. One of the healthier ones that I see more and more is getting a tattoo. It involves pain and you end up with a visible sign denoting the new phase in the life.

I offer an online version which includes zoom meetings for the severance and incorporation portions.The threshold is personal time in nature, a place of your choice where you go to from dawn to dusk, preferably with just water.

The number of zoom meetings varies with the size of the group. I will work one on one to maximum 6 people. The length of each zoom meeting is about 2 hours. There are roughly 3 before and 3 after the threshold time - preparation and incorporation.

In addition, I offer an incorporation support group in my online community that you can join without charge. This group is a place to just check in, get inspiration and support to live what you brought back from your time in nature.

If you have any questions contact me.

To apply, please send me an email (corinna at beinginawareness.com) answering the following two questions:

What is the transition you desire to mark?

What calls you to mark this transition with the ceremony of a Rite of Passage?

I will get back to you and either let you know if there is an upcoming date or set one together with you.

The tuition for the program is:

Donation: $

Choosing to work in the gift economy does not mean I offer items for free. Rather it means you choose the fee based on what a similar item or course would cost, more, less, or zero depending what You feel is fair. I trust that the amount you choose represents your commitment to fully utilize the information. You can read more about my thinking on this page.