Rites of Passage

Indigenous cultures had Rites of Passage that marked the transition to be recognized as an adult member of the community. It had three stages:

  • ending
  • challenge (usually time alone in nature fasting for a vision or completing a challenge)
  • return to the community and being acknowledged by the Elders as having completed the rite.

Today, in our societies, we hardly have Rites of Passage. We have celebrations marking  transitions like graduation from schools or marriage. Life may initiate us with endings and, at times, a challenge. Yet we scarcely have healthy Rites of Passages.

There is no age limit to do a Rite of Passage. I was 36 when I marked my transition to adulthood. Two years later, I began my training as a Rites of Passage guide. 

If a Rite of passage is something that intrigues you, I offer informational webinars. I can also give you referrals and I here is a link to a national organization of Rite of Passage guides. There are trained guides all over the USA and in other countries, so you may find someone closer to where you live.

I no longer offer full Rites of Passage. If life has presented you with the first two phases and you are looking for someone, to hear your experience and acknowledge you, check out the page Completing the Circle.