Articles I have written
These articles, in one way or another, deal with consciousness in daily life.

Sybil Magazine

For the year 2017, I am a contributing writer for Sibyll Magazine, an online magazine. My theme for this series is ‘Creating Your Life’. Each article is an invitation to take a closer, a different look at a subject we are familiar with.

JANUARY 2017: Benevolent Leadership

FEBRUARY 2017: Being Your Authentic Self

MARCH 2017: Judgment

APRIL 2017: Receiving

May 2017: What do I mean with Energy?

JUNE 2017: Ask a Question

JULY 2017: Going with the Flow

AUGUST 2017: Allowance

SEPTEMBER 2017: Intimacy with Self

OCTOBER 2017:  Polarity

NOVEMBER 2017:  Ask and you shall receive

DECEMBER 2017:  The Kingdom of We


Wilderness Guides Council

Both of the following articles have been published in Circles on the Mountain, an annual publication by the Wilderness Guides Council .

Warriors for the Earth    and    Being Who You Are


Here are links to some interesting articles by others

Articles about Consciousness

Huffington Post: Diane Collins
There’s a new mainstream out there – and you are probably part of it


Information in regards to Access Bars and Body Processes

Blog entry by Dr. Lisa Cooney: Expert from Holistic Bliss: Conscious Science – A New Energetic Medical Reality

A post on the Access Consciousness Blog on How the Bars Affect Your Brain

Consciousness in the Media

The NFL did a film on Ricky Williams who is also an Access Consciousness® Certified Facilitator. I will post the link as soon as I can find it. For right now, I have this link to a trailer

What Host of Millionaire Hot Seat Says About Access Consciousness Bars

Here is an interesting interview by Time Magazine of Jaden and Willow Smith