During this Collective Rite of Passage,

Being in Awareness 

is contributing to a new and different world

"We can not solve a problem from the same kind of thinking we used when we created it."

This is my favorite quote by Albert Einstein and it is so applicable in today's world.

These problems Einstein talks about could be personal, in relationship, in business, related to the environment or even the world. More awareness and consciousness give you an incredible advantage. Your ability to deal with events will be quite different.

What if problems, looked at from a different perspective, are no longer problems?

What if you actually are aware of energy?

What if awareness is available to us all, not just a select few?

The world is in a transition. I dream of a new, different world. That is me dreaming of different possibilities and not an answer. What if we all dream - dream of different ways to connect, to communicate, and use our awareness to contribute to that transition. In doing so, we come together in diverse communities where we support each other and appreciate each others uniqueness; where the conversations are not about right or wrong, rather about questions and exploration. 

Would you like to have that?


Transition or change is part of life. Everything that is alive goes through changes. Just look at nature. 

Change can be on an individual level. As you grow and mature, you go through changes. That can be the natural process or something you choose: be it getting married or change a behavior; be it death of a loved one or desiring more awareness.

Change can also be on a collective level, ranging from regional to global. Even global change is different in the various regions. The overall 'heading' gets expressed differently due to the cultural idiosyncrasies. There is beauty in that.

Right now, we are in a global, collective transition. That can excite some people and bring up fears in others. Understanding the process of a transition can go a long way in supporting those who are excited and ease the fears of others. That transition affects how we connect and communicate. And it is influenced by how aware we are willing to be.


Connection is one focus at Being of Awareness. Are we connected to ourselves? This may sound like a strange question, and how often do we make others more important? Are we connected to our body and hear its requests? Are we connected to our Spirit and allow it to shine? Are we our authentic self or do we live the stories we have been told by others?

How do we connect to others and express our caring? There are so many misconceptions about what it means and how it looks to care about others. And there are the times when we have to say no. This can bring up some issues for us. In childhood, we may have learned that it is not ok to say no or that abuse in one of its many forms follows. 

Another aspect of connection is the connection we have with pets and / or Nature. How much are we willing to listen and to ask questions instead of going to conclusions? Do we consider Nature and the Earth as inanimate and us as conscious? What if Nature and the Earth are conscious and asking us to become conscious. Quite a reversal of perception. And there is so much to learn from Nature and the Earth. Do we allow animals to be teachers and healers? What did our ancestors know about the Earth? 


Communication is another focus area. Do we truly listen to what the other is saying or did we hear something that triggered us and we start preparing our response to it? This results in so much miscommunication. 

Do we blurt out something or do we check in with ourselves and consider the impact of what we would like to say? Are we willing to become aware if there is judgment in our world and what triggers it?

Do we listen only to the words and disregard the energy of them. And, will we be ourselves congruent with what we think and what we say? In both situation, our connection with our body comes into play. It is our body that notices incongruence, the energy of what is being said.

Do we have to say what we think or can we be aware of what is created by it and choose to say it or not. What have we made important? How much does the attempt to control a conversation or situation play a role? Who is the main person of the conversation - the other or us? How much are we truly interested in the other or just being polite?


Awareness is the third focus for me. What level of awareness are we willing to have? That plays a part in the previous two focus areas - Communication and Connection.

In some way, awareness has to do with how much we trust the Universe. If I don't, then awareness is not much use to me. I am better off to use my mind to control things. If I do, it allows me to perceive its whispers that can guide me. It allows me to have a sense of what may be coming. Not everything is as linear as we assume. Awareness is part of a leader - and we all are leaders, at least in our own lives. As that, we also become leaders for others, not necessarily in the usual sense, as role models we influence people around us.

Awareness is also an important aspect of consciousness. More consciousness is required and it seems to me that the Earth is asking from us to become it. As a conscious being, the Earth is no longer holding still to give us time to become conscious. She is choosing to act with consciousness which means choosing what contributes to her and the beings on her.  

Looking at what is going on around us through eyes of awareness offers such a different perspective. You can listen to some of that on Soundcloud (Exploring Natural Living) or look for the videos with the same title on my You Tube Channel.

I am looking at what kind of world would I like to live in and leave for the next generations. 

This begs the question: What steps can I take today, that will create that future?

The current situation in pricing is that I decide what my "item" is worth and you, the customer, decide if you want to pay as much or not. What criteria are both of us using to come to the respective decisions?  They are arbitrary and do not look from a bigger perspective.

Please read my different pricing policy to find out how it works.


What I brought to the session was not what we ended with. By going deeper, then deeper still, we I got to the larger stumbling block I was having. The release and pulling of the root belief was much quicker and complete. This is the coaching mastery Corinna has.

Stephanie W.

Corinna's Earth meditations get my day started in such a loving, clear, connected way and it only takes a few minutes. So easy to fit into my busy schedule, and they create peace and a oneness with the Earth for the rest of the day.

Shereen N.

Your advice helped give me clarity a hell of a lot faster than I anticipated. I have overwhelming gratitude for your sage advice, Corinna. I truly haven’t the words. Thank you, with all my heart.

Tricia R.

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