"We can not solve a problem from the same kind of thinking we used when we created it."

This is my favorite quote by Albert Einstein and it is so applicable in today's world.

These problems Einstein talks about could be personal, in relationship, in business, related to the environment or even the world. More awareness and consciousness give you an incredible advantage. Your ability to deal with events will be quite different.

What if problems, looked at from a different perspective, are no longer problems?

What if you actually are aware of energy?

What if awareness is available to us all, not just a select few?

What if you have been waiting to hear what you somehow already know?

What if the time is now?

Would you like to be introduced to tools that support you?  Workshops, an online community that is free to join with a paid section to go even deeper, sessions, and webinars are  ways in which I invite people to more; to a life with more fun, more happiness, more money and, especially, more joy. 

Would you like to have that?


Your advice helped give me clarity a hell of a lot faster than I anticipated. I have overwhelming gratitude for your sage advice, Corinna. I truly haven’t the words. Thank you, with all my heart. (Tricia R.)

Corinna’s “Being Money” class was about SO much more than finances. I learned things that have helped me improve my personal life, my business, my overall state of mind, AND my finances. I would definitely recommend the class to others, especially those in pursuit of more mindful living. (Melody L.)

May be you are not looking for a workshop and rather have  a session

  • a talk session,
  • an energetic bodywork session for your body to feel better
  • an energetic session that allows you to shift things quickly.

I travel the country to facilitate workshops like: 

  •  Being You - Being Your Authentic Self
  • Living in Harmony with the Earth
  • Access Consciousness Core Classes: The Bars and Foundation

See Upcoming Workshops

I have over 100 sessions in the Archives of my radio show "Dancing Your Life". You can also find some of my favorites here on this site.