Would you like to have a different life?  Asking a question will get you there. This set of 32 cards – images below – allows you to pull a new one every day or work with one for several days. I invite you to just be with the energy the question evokes in you and let it work its magic. You may suddenly have an awareness what is required in this moment. The next time you draw the same card, have a beginners mind. Most likely, it will be a completely different awareness.

Another way to use them is as little gifts for friends. At less that $1.60 each, they do not break the bank.

The cards are a combination of my unique, circular, abstract photography paired with questions from Access Consciousness®. They are professionally printed in America on 14pt card stock, sized 4×6 and coated. The back is white, blank and can be written on with a ballpoint pen.

The complete set of 32 cards comes in a pouch and is $40

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new reality

body & I expansive

priority life fun



right about body

awareness from body

knowing create change



be-do different


fun & joy

communion with body


greater possibility



receive contribution

right about me

energy body & I


universe contribute

true acknowledge

possible trust self

oneness consciousness

not fail

joy of living


being me

ESC receiving

acknowledge potency