Road to Elderhood

For many people, the world seems to be falling apart. We are in a collective, global transition. Elders are the ones that can lead the way towards a new world, a kinder, more heart-centered world that acknowledges our interconnection, not only the connection between humans, but also the connection to the earth, to nature, to all that is.

Being an Elder to me means having the ability to dance with the old and the new, being aware of what serves and what needs to be let go of completely or at least be changed. Elders  are willing to shoulder the weight of being role models for another way of being in the world, another way of living. They understand that the heart has to lead the way.

They are still actively contributing to their communities and the world. They may be considered mystics due to their deep connection to Spirit, God, Universe,  Soul or Earth. Due to their age,  Elders have not only seen their share of change, they have experienced the cyclical nature of life. They have come to a place of a peace around death, no longer afraid of it. This gives them the opportunity to look at the world from a completely different perspective.

This is where my favorite quote of Albert Einstein comes in:

"We can not solve a problem from the same kind of thinking

 we used when we created it."

Elders have had enough life experience that their thinking can have grown beyond that original thinking.

The Road to Elderhood leads to an awakening that includes  knowing 

  • how destructive judgment is,
  • how much our Shadow rules our life unless we befriend it,
  • how much fixed beliefs limit our capacity to become who we truly are, our spiritual self beyond the human self,
  • how much we are connected with other people we don't even know, with Nature, with the Earth, the Universe and All That Is

There are two questions I have to ask  and there are no wrong answers; just you getting clear for yourself:

  1. What kind of world are you dreaming of?
  2. What would need to change and how does this relate to the awakening I talked about above?

Write them down and re-visit them from time to time.

There are several ways for you to go onto this journey to Elderhood with me:

  • Individually
  • as part of a group
  • on a retreat

An elder is connected to self, society and Spirit. There are some 'way stations' everyone has to visit and others that are specific for an individual or small group. Here are some of the more common ones on a personal level:

  • being fully present
  • listening skills
  • befriending the Shadow 
  • healing traumas
  • examining beliefs

We have to move from Humanity 1.0 with competition, mono-culture and judgment to Humanity 2.0 with collaboration, appreciation of diversity and allowance. Yoiu may hear me using other words such as from greed to generosity, from separation to equality, or from selfishness to love. Overall, it is time to move from survival to thrival. How much can life experiences contribute to this movement.

Being connected to our soul is the foundation that allows an elder, a person, to have a vision for the future and live from love, unconditional love. That love has nothing to do with our romantic interpretation of love. It knows boundaries, it knows truly loving oneself is not selfish.

It is a road to get to Elderhood and

it would be my honor to be your guide on it.