Upcoming Workshops

General Information

All workshops with the Zoom platform allow us to be together in a virtual way. You can join either via the zoom app or via phone. All classes include the video and audio tracks for your private use. That way you can listen to a class again. I will upload them  to Dropbox and send you the link so you can download it within 3 months. I will take the recording down after that period.

Release for sharing of the audio recording:
By registering for a workshop/class, you agree to the class being recorded (audio and video) and the recordings being shared with the other participants. You also agree to my excerpting an audio section of the class and upload it to Soundcloud where it is available to the public. There will be no video publicly available at any point in time without specific prior agreement from all participants.

My Linktree has  the upcoming classes too. So copy the url for it: https://linktr.ee/beinginawareness

Workshop Series:

All workshops are intended to facilitate a choice to become an elder. They are about 60min. One of the benefits of the workshops is a way to have more ease in dealing with the changes we are experiencing. Each workshop can be taken individually. If you choose to participate in all, I offer a reduction in price (see bottom of page)

More and more, I am looking at any theme through the lens of evolving to Humanity 2.0. This adds perspectives I had not considered a few years ago which lead to new questions regarding the choices we make - becoming more cons ious.

Please read the page "Road to Elderhood" for more general information about elderhood.

Contact me if you would like to go deeper with a workshop and book a 1 on 1 session with me. I will offer them at a special rate.

Theme: Dealing with Change
Date and Time: 7/11 at 6pm MDT
Investment in You: $77  
Location: online
More information: a look at the three phases of a transition / change, the challenges each one poses and ways to move through them. Participants will receive my e-book on dealing with change. Learn how to deal with each one of the phases to have ease with a transition/change.

Theme: The Magic of a Question
Date and Time:  8/1 at 6pm MDT
Investment in You: $77  
Location: online
More information
:  Asking questions born of curiosity usually leads to surprising results. We will look at types of questions and how we ask them. Learn how to to formulate and ask aquestion that will give you information you are looking for.

Theme: The Difference between Awareness and Judgment
Date and Time: 8/15 at 6pm MDT
Investment in You: $77  
Location: online
More information: This workshop looks at what judgment really is and the impact it has not only on others but also on ourselves. When is an awareness  considered a judgment?  Learn about the tell-tale sign that clues us in if something is an awareness or not.

Theme: Gaining Freedom
Date and Time: 8/29 at 6pm MDT
Investment in You: $77   
Location: online
More information: We all have beliefs. Some of them can create quite some limitations, box us in, versus others allow more freedom; freedom to act, freedom to choose something. Learn how to spot the difference and what you can do to gain more freedom.

Theme: Who Am I and What Is My Purpose?
Date and Time: 9/12 at 6pm MDT
Investment in You: $77  
Location: online
More information: At one point or another, all of us have answered the question: Who are you? We'll look at the way we tend to answer and I will propose a completely different way to do it. Out of that answer flows a purpose. Learn about a new way of looking at yourself that is describing you better than we tend to do.

This workshop requires some preparation in the form oa answering a few questions. I will send these a few days before so you have time.

Theme: Being Grateful Or Doing Gratitude
Date and Time: 9/26 at 6pm MDT
Investment in You: $77  
Location: online
More information: At some point in our lifes, all of us have been told to be grateful. We can go through the motions of gratitude or actually become grateful. The effects on our lives are quite different. Learn about that difference and what you can do to have the full benefit of gratitude.

Theme: Courage
Date and Time: 11/7 at 6pm MDT
Investment in You: $77  
Location: online
More information: Courage, depending on how we see ourselves and look at life, can be a scary word. Learn what courage really is and how to be courageous.

Theme: Dancing With The Shadow
Date and Time: 11/21 at 6pm MDT
Investment in You: $77  
Location: online
More information: Shadow, oh no! Shadow is something in us we do not want to look at. We split it off, thinking then it is gone. Yet it only becomes a part of us we are unconscious of and that has consequences. Learn about these consequences, how they impact our life and what we can do to befriend our shadow, to begin to dance with it.

If you plan on taking all 8 workshops, the price is reduced to a total of $500