Upcoming Workshops

General Information

All workshops with the Zoom platform allow us to be together in a virtual way. You can join either via the zoom app or via phone. All classes include the audio track for your private use. That way you can listen to a class again. I will upload the audio to Dropbox and send you the link so you can download it within 3 months. I will take the recording down after that period.

Release for sharing of the audio recording:
By registering for a class, you agree to the class being recorded (audio and video) and the recordings being shared with the other participants. You also agree to my excerpting an audio section of the class and upload it to Soundcloud where it is available to the public. There will be no video publicly available at any point in time without specific prior agreement from all participants.

My Linktree has  the upcoming classes too. So copy the url for it: https://linktr.ee/beinginawareness

Workshops via Zoom:

Exploring Natural Living Expanded
Every Thursday, a webinar in which we dive deeper into the topic of Tuesday's FB Live.
Date and Time: Thursdays at 11am MST
Investment in you:  pay as you desire, minimum $5
Location: your home, your computer
more information and to register

Starting the month of February, I am offering a weekly meditation
Date and Time: 2/1, 8, 15, 22 at 8:30am MST
Investment in you: minimum $5.00 per meditation or $20 for the month
Location: your home, your computer
more information and to register

In-person Classes:

Due to the Covid-19 restrictions, there are limited in-person classes


Free Zooms: 

I may ask for registration so you can receive the audio of the event. 

Time and Date: a FB Live every Tuesday at 10am MST
Location: your home, your computer
more information: a FB Live on my FB page The video will be posted to my YouTube Channel on the playlist 'Conversations with the Earth' and the audio will be posted on my Soundcloud Channel

Time and Date: TBD
Location: your home, your computer
more information: 

Time and Date: TBD
Location: your home, your computer
more information: 

Melody L.

Corinna’s “Being Money” class was about SO much more than finances. I learned things that have helped me improve my personal life, my business, my overall state of mind, AND my finances. I would definitely recommend the class to others, especially those in pursuit of more mindful living.

Ideas I am playing with:

Some of these ideas I will include in Earth as Teacher conversation.

Is judgment really necessary?

WHat are the effects of judgment?

Photography and awareness: The difference between a great shot (a post card) and a great shot (that is unique to you)

Creating a membership group where we dive deep into learning from the earth.

Commitment to consciousness, the universe, and the earth.

What is choice?

Do we actually have  choice?

Do we create and if so how do we do it?

What are some really big questions?

Ask and receive.