Being alive means we all go through transitions. Knowing about the stages of a transition and their challenges can make it much easier for a person to move through the process.

In this workshop, I may focus on additional information by looking at specific challenges of a transition. For instance, there is a difference between getting married and loosing a loved one. As a result the challenges are different even though the stages are the same.

Here are the more common transitions people experience:

  • becoming an adult
  • getting married
  • getting divorced
  • becoming a parent
  • loosing a job
  • loosing a loved one
  • terminal illness
  • approaching death

And there is a 'bigger' transition going on, beyond the personal realm. It seems that the world is 'falling apart'. This is a sign that we are in a collective transition or Rite of Passage. The old stories, believes and ideas are no longer working and we are in need of new ones. This perspective will also a theme for the workshop.

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You can find additional information about a Rite of Passage and on Completing the Circle if life presented you with a challenge.