Living in Harmony With The Earth

Are you aware that the earth is asking for a contribution from you? 

Can you perceive what she requires from you? 

Are you aware that the earth would like to contribute to you?

Are you willing to ask for it and receive it?

During a 'Living in Harmony with the Earth' workshop we will explore these questions and others through conversation and spending time in nature.

  • Are you ready to get out of your head for a while and step into communion?  We have so many answers in our heads and we look at the world through the lenses of those answers. As a result, we can not perceive all that could be available to us and/or is requested from us. Would being able to perceive that create more in your life? Might there be the possibility of having more ease?
  • Are you ready to explore what Living in Harmony means for you?
  • Would spending time in nature in a totally different way be a contribution to you?

Join us in this adventure and learn tools, tools that work for your connection with the earth and that are also applicable in other areas of life.


The structure of a 'Living in Harmony with the Earth' workshop varies according to its length. It can ranges from a 1 hour Introductory workshop to a full day workshop.

The introduction is online via Zoom, consisting mainly of a conversation with some tools that allow you to have more communion with the Earth. (see also below)

The 1 day workshop is live with conversations, tools and time spent in Nature. I am exploring to have this one as a mix between time online and time in Nature to allow people from different areas to attend without having to travel. .

Times and Dates:
Investment in You: $


Enjoy these two videos I made with my special type of photography.