July 19, 2016

Two years ago, I experienced the most intense thunderstorm in my life. There was so much rain, hail, and wind that I could hardly see a few feet. The local creeks all flash flooded. After it was over, I asked: Earth, what are you telling me here? What I got is that she is changing things.

The reason I am bringing this up is that I am sensing we are approaching changes with much more of an impact. Just look at the events throughout the past few years. How much more intense were natural events like too much rain – too little rain, too much wind. earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, etc.. How did the results impact people and what was their reaction. We are looking for governments to find so-called solutions. Are we, the people, willing to look at what we, the people, are creating? How much are we in resistance to the weather? We complain about too much rain, not enough rain, not enough sunshine, etc.. We all have heard the saying: What you resist persists. Yes? what if our resistance to the weather as it is creates what we experience? What if the Earth has a wisdom we are not willing to acknowledge? What if we could choose to be in communion with the earth instead of trying to impose our limited, often self-centered points off view on her?

I would like to invite you to be aware, to hone your awareness. I am glad that through the classes I have taken with and the tools I have learned through Access Consciousness my awareness is increasing. Sometimes, it might be better to not be where the action is. What is it you know? Ask questions, don’t rely on what others a saying. That’s how you (and your loved ones) can be safe.

What if the prophecies of the Earth Changes that I hear many people refer to do not have to come to pass in a dramatic way? What if they could be the invitation to reconnect with the earth, to be in communion with her again. What if we began to ask her what she would like instead of assuming what it is she needs. Being an environmentalist – I use this word in a much broader sense than usual – does not necessarily mean being in communion with the earth. So often, it is being in resistance (which creates more of what we are resisting) to something and a believing what the ‘right’ scientists say has to be. Would we be willing to become aware; aware of what the Earth really requires?

One can be in the city and be in communion with the earth. Think about it! Everything there too comes from the earth. Concrete is made of the earth, pavement, houses have wood in them, steel comes from the earth in the end. How many judgments and conclusions do we have about what is right and what is wrong? What if started to ask questions, trust our knowing instead of giving our power away to others that do not ask questions with curiosity.

I can sit in the city, even in my house, and be surrounded by the deep forest, or the desert, or be on top of a mountain. How can I do that? I have been in those places. I have seen the ‘views’. I have been fully present with them. I have perceived the energy of them. I can choose to recall that energy at any given moment in time, in any space; there is always the earth underneath my feet and I can connect with her.

If you want to learn about tools, check out the pages on my website. I offer classesworkshops and I have links to many free tools and classes on the Access TV channel. Take advantage of them. One class that I want to alert you to is Dr. Dain Heer’s series of 6 tele-calls  ‘Awareness Revolution’. I got so much out of this call series. Here are some more links to some of his posts:

How to become more present in your life and with the earth.    A date with the earth.   What would change on earth if we choose from awareness? Earth is on a collision course with death that we can change.

PS: I took this image January ’15. I was working on something and suddenly had the urge to look outside. Seeing the coyote, I grabbed my camera and took the image. Only when I saw it on the monitor, did I see that there was a rabbit in its mouth. To me, this was an example of being in communion with the earth. I am aware that this image may also evoke judgment in some people. Remember, every one of us eats.

About the author 

Corinna Stoeffl

Corinna Stoeffl is a dynamic workshop facilitator and speaker. With a world in transition, her focus is providing education and giving tools so people can have more ease. She feels that her life experiences have prepared her for this time so she can be in support.

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