June 16, 2024

How do we vision? Most of us are probably familiar with vision boards. A vision board is created by me deciding what I would like to have in my life now and in my future. I'm dreaming about having certain things in my life. That is a wonderful undertaking. 

Yet, that's not quite what I'm referring to when I talk about vision. From my background as a Rite of Passage guide, there is also the fact of being open to receive a vision. That vision usually comes through a deep connection to Spirit. This vision is not just for me, it is for the people in general, for the community. And today, we could even expand it for the world. 

Receiving that vision takes time. It takes being present with what is and not being somewhere in the future. Now, we're right now being present with what is and it requires asking questions like: Why am I here? What is my purpose? What can I offer to the world? How can I serve humanity's evolution? Can you sense that underlying deep love for humanity in those questions? It's not for me. I'm bringing back the vision for the people I am serving. 

I know there are people who feel the need to steer humanity into a certain direction.The key word here is to steer. They look at the world through their lens, their personal lens, decide what is necessary, and do what it takes to make that happen. Yet Is there a deep love underlying that vision? Or is that an attitude of I am well educated. I know best. I am a scientist. 

For me, if there is deep love underlying a vision I allow people to choose what it is that they would like. Ultimately, we're all one, what affects one affects everybody.I think people are instinctively knowledgeable about receiving a vision, about accepting the vision that someone is sharing, and able to discern, is this a good fit or not? 

It's sort of a Trinity for me. When I look at elderhood, there is that connection to a higher power. Through that connection, I'm learning about what love really means. That it has nothing to do with the romantic love. It has nothing to do with conditional love. It is truly loving, and allowing the other person the freedom of choice. Out of that love comes to visioning. For me, having stepped into elderhood, it really lit a fire under my butt.

What is elder hood all about? What is the benefit of having elders? Why do we not have elders? Around that, there is much exploration possible. But it has nothing to do with me. I can be an elder, without anybody acknowledging and recognizing me as such; without the need to have things happen in a certain way. I'm willing to be present with what is and then ask questions. 

What will serve humanity in its evolution? That's what we're asked for right now. That is the time we are living in. What if the universe, the Earth, God, however, you want to call that higher power, is inviting us to grow, to mature, to get over our power play, get over our need to make others wrong which often leads to war? What if we need to evolve? Are we willing to have more love in our hearts? Care more? Appreciate more? Have more gratitude, more compassion for others? And do we wish that for everybody, - not just other humans, but everybody and everything? Animals, plants, the earth, nature, whatever it is? 

What is our vision? I really want to invite you to take the time and contemplate, to ask: show me what will serve us to grow, to mature, to evolve? And then see what comes for you. I am inviting you to find out what it is that you feel called to do. What is your purpose? What is your contribution? It's in the richness of the diversity, of the different approaches, of the different perspectives that we move forward. 

My invitation to you. Do it and notice what you find out.

About the author 

Corinna Stoeffl

Corinna Stoeffl is a dynamic workshop facilitator and speaker. With a world in transition, her focus is providing education and giving tools so people can have more ease. She feels that her life experiences have prepared her for this time so she can be in support.

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