In some way, awareness has to do with how much we trust the Universe. If I don't, then awareness is not much use to me. I am better off using my mind to control things. If I do trust the Universe, awareness allows me to perceive its whispers that can guide me. It allows me to have a sense of what may be coming. Not everything is as linear as we assume. What if the past is actually the future and the future is the past? Allow that to sink in.

It seems to me that the Earth is asking for us to become aware. As a conscious being, the Earth is no longer holding still to give us time. She is choosing to act with consciousness which means choosing what contributes to her and the beings on her.  

Awareness is part of a leader - and we all are leaders, at least in our own lives. As that, we also become leaders for others, not necessarily in the usual sense, rather as role models we influence people around us.

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