Are you ready to work with a life coach to change an aspect of your life so it works better for you? It could be a relationship, the amount of money you have, parenting, business and so much more.

Have you ever worked with or been around someone who does not judge you or your choices; who has no point of view in regards to how your life is supposed to look like; who is interested in empowering you so you begin to choose what works for you? Would that be different from what you have experienced?

I am Corinna Stoeffl. I have a Masters in Counseling and have worked several thousand hours as a life coach with people to create the change they desired. I use questions and look at things from different angles to provide you with the recognition of what it is you would like your life to be like.

My aim as a life coach is to facilitate you in creating the life YOU desire. You then take the tools and run with them, may be checking in when you hit a bump in the road.






Your advice helped give me clarity a hell of a lot faster than I anticipated. I have overwhelming gratitude for your sage advice, Corinna. I truly haven’t the words. Thank you, with all my heart. (Tricia R.)


Corinna’s “Being Money” class was about SO much more than finances. I learned things that have helped me improve my personal life, my business, my overall state of mind, AND my finances. I would definitely recommend the class to others, especially those in pursuit of more mindful living. (Melody L.)


May be a personal session is not what you are looking for right now.
What about a class or a short workshop?
I offer them on a variety of subjects, such as money, leadership, relationships, and stress management.


Current Workshops




I travel the country to facilitate a new kind of workshop, the Being You Adventures. Find out more about what they are and where the next one will be:


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