August 12, 2020

The Need to be Right

There are so many posts on Facebook about who and what is right and who and what is wrong in regard to Covid-19. And I am getting tired of the one side attacking the other. Instead of pulling together, there is a creation of division. It's almost as if people are saying I am more right than you are. Is that really serving at this time? Every single one of us is affected by Covid-19, in one way or another. And not just in the USA, that is the case all over the globe.

The question is how do you let Covid-19 affect you? Do you feel the need to prove that your point of view is correct? Or do you feel the need to prove that the other is wrong? Do you feel the need to resist or fight a point of view? Can I guess what the outcome of this is? Stress, anxiety, depression, fear.

What if we are in allowance of all points of view, not feeling the need to change them. And, at the same time, we have our own without a need to defend them. What if we are willing to even entertain controversial ideas without making them significant or true; just recognizing them as possibilities? What if we do our own quick research?

Here is one of them. According to CDC stats, in 2017 there were 2,813,503 deaths in the USA. Nobody mentioned it anywhere on Social media, on national TV or in politics. Today, the fact that we have 159,000 deaths is catastrophic. What if we stop using it for political purposes, to make people wrong by implying they don't care when sooo many people died, to judge people who have a different point of view. Death is part of the cycle of life. Let's keep that in mind too. And no matter how many people die, it does not mean that no one cares.

As we head into the colder seasons, Covid-19 may not go away any time soon as probably most of us hoped. The question I have is who do we want to be. Someone who contributes to humanity, be it locally or globally, or someone who is divisive, has the need to have their point of view seen as correct, who has the right to put down others who do not see it that way. Are we moving forward towards becoming a global community that we actually already are or are we going back into tribalism where it is ok to 'kill' someone who is not from the same tribe. What do we desire to be? How do we desire to be? 

There is already a big number of people who see themselves as global citizen and act from that perspective, being willing to contribute to others, to empower and uplift. What does it take to increase that number? What if we start judging less?

About the author 

Corinna Stoeffl

Corinna Stoeffl is a dynamic workshop facilitator and speaker. With a world in transition, her focus is providing education and giving tools so people can have more ease. She feels that her life experiences have prepared her for this time so she can be in support.

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