August 26, 2018

Are you completely free to make a choice? If you would have asked me that question a few years ago, even a year ago, I would have said yes in a heartbeat. I was not in a situation where I would have had to deal with negative consequences because I made a certain choice – I am not talking about the consequences of the choice itself – like facing abuse or anything along those lines.

Today, I am so much more aware of all the things that would influence a choice. There are the projections and expectations of others, there are the ideals that I have made mine, there are all the judgments that people have including myself. Do we even want to be free to choose or does it feel more comfortable to have all these reasons for not being free to choose whatever it is we desire? 

Getting to the space of having true freedom to choose requires looking at my world and what is in it, to become aware of it all and to let it all go. That is difficult. We live in a world of polarity and naturally we desire to be a good person; we don’t want to be a bad person. Can you recognize the judgment that is present in that statement? What if we let go of judgment? What if there is just a spectrum and at this moment I am at this particular place in the spectrum and at another moment I am at a different place. That would be acknowledging what is in each moment.

How much are we entrained to define things or could we just look with wonderment at something, willing to perceive the mystery of it.

How much do we feel the need to fulfill the expectations that others have of us. How important is it to fit in to be part of a chosen group of people? How much does that impact the freedom we have to choose?

Or how often do we tell ourselves: I do/don’t feel like …… (fill in the blank). The feelings we have in the moment rule the choices that are available. The choice is not made based upon what will create the future one desires.

So the question could be phrased: how un-free we are to make a choice. It is only with the willingness and actually looking at what is that we begin to get more and more freedom to choose. That freedom includes the ability to look at what the choice will create which is mostly an energetic awareness. What would change if this were the standard for making a choice? What would be the impact if companies considered the impact on the earth with a decision?

Having true freedom of choice is being conscious. Consciousness allows everything and judges nothing. A worthy target!

About the author 

Corinna Stoeffl

Corinna Stoeffl is a dynamic workshop facilitator and speaker. With a world in transition, her focus is providing education and giving tools so people can have more ease. She feels that her life experiences have prepared her for this time so she can be in support.

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