In offering these meditations, I allow myself to be guided by the earth. What is it she wants to remind us so we become more conscious of what is going on for each one of us. Only when we are aware, do we have a choice.

I plan on offering one meditation a week and I may change it up to offer shorter once several days in a row or whatever seems to contribute in the moment.

You do not see a price. There is a minimum of $5.00 for each one and I am allowing you to set your own price reflecting what the meditation is worth for you; be it the minimum or anything above as you wish to gift. If you would like to know more about this unusual 'pricing', I have a blog post that describes my take on it

Date and Time:  
Investment in You $5.-
Location: online

You need to register for each individual meditation

If there are 4 or more dates above, you can register for all of them for a minimum of a $20 donation. If, there should be 5 weeks, the additional one is my gift to you.