Being a life long learner, I am an avid reader and listener to podcasts. Mostly it is for my own education and increase in knowledge that serves what I offer as workshops or my writing.

Every once in a while, I come across something that seems to be such a unique point of view that I want to share with others, have a conversation about it. I appreciate other people's views on a subject. I feel such a conversation enriches all of us 

These explorations can be a conversation about a book (you can get it in any format you prefer), a podcast (I will provide the link to it)or a theme that seems important at this point in time as we are going through a global transition. It may be a one-time meeting, it may be a few meetings. Obviously, I expect that participants come prepared. I will give enough time so there is no need to rush.

I invite you to join any of the explorations by registering. The donation goes towards the cost of the zoom account, I am donating my time. The conversation will be recorded and I will send the voice recording of it to all participants of that exploration. Please keep in mind that I will send out the zoom link the day before, so don't wait with the registration until the very last minute. 

What will we create for ourselves, each other and even the world by coming together in these explorations?

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   Conversation Date & Time:  

   Investment in You: $ 100