Earth as Teacher

Earth as Teacher - what the heck does that mean?

Do you observe? With that I mean are you really present, watch what is going on, ask questions about what is going on? 

Are you aware of how much we have barriers behind which we tend to hide? Having those barriers up will change the way we observe.  We tend to become mental, analyze, use definitions or other kinds of mental activity. We are not really present energetically, perceiving the energies that are.

Being truly present is the first thing Earth teaches us. From there, we can discover so much more between observing and asking questions, wondering, being like a child that discovers.

As a photographer aiming for great images, I have to be fully present. I learned to observe and absolutely enjoy it. Eventually I began to ask questions pertaining to me and my life and I began to learn so much. Over time, it developed being present with the earth in a totally different way and beginning to communicate with her.

The desire to share what I have been learning lead to offering Meditations with the Earth and out of that grew this class. What can those lessons contribute to you and your life? What can you now allow the earth to contribute to you?  What can you contribute to the earth?

The earth, a conscious being, desires to contribute to us. How much would it create if we were receiving that gift? And how much more would it create if we also contributed to the earth? Gifting and receiving – a two-way 'street'!

Each class will have a stated theme. Some possibilities are

  • Being present 
  • Receiving
  • Doubt
  • Leadership
  • Body
  • Gratitude

Connecting to Earth as a Teacher will result in

Date and Time: 
Investment in You: $ 100
Location: your home, your computer