Your Body

Lately, due to conversations I had, I have become aware of the amount of conclusions we tend to go to in regards to our body. In order to stay healthy, I need to eat ……. (fill in your choices). In order to be healthy, I need to do ….. In order to stay healthy I need to watch…., make sure I ….. I guess you get the picture.

I can hear you say: There has been the research to show that this is true. My question is: is Your Body the same as other people’s body? If not, could it be that your body has its own unique requirements, some of which are along the lines of others and some are different? What if you asked your body what it wanted? Your are not your body; the body is within you, the being. Your body is the one who eats, gets dressed, etc. You, the being, create your body based on your decisions, conclusions and judgments. I get it, it is not necessarily easy to become aware of all of them and to let go of them. It may take some time and it may not.

Here is the link to a great blog about the body by Dr. Glenna Rice. Read it with an open mind and allow yourself to perceive how what she says lands in your world. Is it true for you or not?

If you would like to know more about these perspectives, here is a great book to read with tools you can use.

About the Author

Corinna Stoeffl is a dynamic workshop facilitator and gives talks about subjects such as Being You, Leadership, and Money. Being happy herself, she is inspiring people to create a life that is filled with joy, fun, and wealth. She knows, this is not the standard way of looking at life, yet it is so much more exciting.

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