I look at connection from three perspectives.

  • How much are we connected to ourselves?
  • How much are we connected to others?
  • How much are we connected to Nature and the Earth?

The level of connection to others and the Earth really depends on how much we are connected to ourselves. If am not connected to myself and my body, how can I as a Being connect to someone else?  It's an image, an aspect of me that connects, not me as a whole person. That includes my greatness and my caring. 

You might be surprised to find connection with Nature and the Earth here. We live on this beautiful planet that takes care of us.

Have you ever considered how much Earth is taking care of us? 

We live in our homes, be they houses we own or places we rent. We take care of them. What if we do the same with the Earth? When other people live with us in the same place, we usually do not impose our will on them. We talk with each other to find out how to make this work for all of us. What if we do the same with the Earth? What if we ask her what she requires from us? What if we have a relationship with her who is a conscious being?

Here is an invitation by Matias de Stefano to connect to an even bigger space. I like to watch it as a reminder that we are so much more.

Here are links to workshops that fit this section, which are not necessarily scheduled at the moment.

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