Communication, clear communication is not that easy. How often do we blurt out something without checking in with ourselves? Are we willing to become aware if there is judgment in our world and what triggers it?

Do we listen only to the words and disregard the energy of them. Instead of saying one thing and thinking something completely different, will we be congruent with what we think and what we say? In both situations, our connection with our body comes into play. It is our body that notices incongruence, the energy of what is being said.

Do we have to say what we think or are we willing to be aware of what is created by it and, as a result, choose to say it or not? Have we made something so important that it has to be said? How much does the attempt to control a conversation or situation play a role? Who is the main person of the conversation - the other or me? How much are we truly interested in the other or just being polite?

All these points play into having authentic communication. I am in the process of creating a workshop that offers tools, facilitation and awareness.

Here is a 1 on 1 session to work with energy or workshops which are not necessarily scheduled:

Symphony of Energies