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Who does this belong to?

During the holidays, family gatherings can create interesting and sometimes stressful situations. You may experience thoughts, feelings and/or emotions that you usually don’t have. My tendency, in those instances, used to be to go into wrongness of me and judge myself. That tends to feeling even worse. Now, I have the option of using a tool of Access and ask: Who does this belong to? (Access found that 98% of our thought, feelings and emotions don’t belong to us. We are picking them up from those around us.)

For months, I resisted using the tool, because it felt to me that I was not accepting responsibility for my stuff. One day, I had a visceral experience of finding out that the thoughts and emotions I just had did not belong to me. Since then, I am open to using the tool in combination with light – heavy.

If you ask: Who does this belong to? and you get either not you or someone else see if it feels light. If it does, play with stopping your selfjudgment and let it go. You could also ‘return it to sender with consciousness attached’, that way the other has the chance of becoming aware of it.

Just experiment with it and see what happens for you. How does it feel for you?

About the Author

Corinna Stoeffl is a dynamic workshop facilitator and gives talks about subjects such as Being You, Leadership, and Money. Being happy herself, she is inspiring people to create a life that is filled with joy, fun, and wealth. She knows, this is not the standard way of looking at life, yet it is so much more exciting.

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