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Who does this belong to?

Recently, taking a weekend off, I found myself napping and sleeping an incredible amount of time on. Usually, I am fine with about 6 hours of sleep. On Saturday, I was surprised and just wrote it off. The same on Sunday perplexed me and, finally, in the evening, just before going to bed, I asked the question: Who does this belong?

I woke up Monday morning not only feeling like myself again, but also with the awareness that I had tapped into the the world of people being tired of living which had felt incredibly heavy.

How often do we tap into something and, because it is in our head or body, assume that it belongs to us, only it does not.

Asking the question: Who does this belong to? without looking for an answer as to ‘the person’ can give us the awareness that it is not ours. As a result of that awareness, whatever we were experiencing, goes away. I can only change what is mine, not if it is something I picked up from someone else.

There is also the possibility that it does not go away. At this point is is time to ask: Does this belong to something else? We can pick up a request of the earth to contribute to her energetically. She lets us know what kind of energy is required by how we feel or what we feel in our body. In that case, just give whatever it is to the earth. She knows how to use it.

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Corinna Stoeffl is a dynamic workshop facilitator and gives talks about subjects such as Being You, Leadership, and Money. Being happy herself, she is inspiring people to create a life that is filled with joy, fun, and wealth. She knows, this is not the standard way of looking at life, yet it is so much more exciting.

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