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Warriors for the Earth

These are some initial thoughts I have while creating a workshop that brings together my knowledge as a guide, my insights during the times out in Nature and what I learned through Access Consciousness in the past 18 months. My perspectives have changed. Now, not just on an intellectual level, I really understand what Albert Einstein is talking about in the quote below.

Humankind has raped and plundered the Earth to such an extent that we don’t have much time left before we reach the tipping point and she will become uninhabitable for humans. Depending on age, this means us, our children, our grandchildren, etc. Obviously something needs to change. I don’t feel that the Earth needs saving, rather we have to become more conscious which is not the same as coming to conclusions. You, the readers, are contributing to change in your ways …. and what else is possible?

I invite you to ponder this quote from Albert Einstein:
“No problem can be solved from the level of consciousness that created it.”
Then, take a look at environmental sciences and green or environmentally friendly technologies. How many of them are actually still created from the level of consciousness that created the problems in the first place? (It may not be obvious right away, so stay with it and look at all the different angles.)

With the following questions, I am asking you to not look for answers, rather to feel the energy that comes up when you slowly read the question. (Suggestion: stop after each period.) Being in the head, we use only about 10% of our capacities. Paying attention to the energy that comes up when reading allows you to tap into your awareness and knowing.

  • We all know the effects of yelling or directing anger at a plant. What are primary modes that people operate with and from? Sadness, hopelessness, anger, rage, hate, violence… What do you think is the effect on the planet when almost 7 billion people do that on a daily basis? Does it help the Earth to thrive or could it be considered a form of ‘pollution’? What if worries make what you worry about more solid and actually create it as a reality?
  • Would you be willing to question everything (without going into judgment about it), including that which is labeled as environmentally friendly, and really look at all the components as well as their impact (short term and long term) on the Earth?
  • What if there was something true about the end of the Mayan calendar? What if time as the predictable element has ceased to be and now we have to create and be conscious of the effects of it?


After pondering these questions, I have an invitation: Will you be a Warrior for the Earth? If so, are you willing to

  • choose happiness;
  • laugh more;
  • judge less, including yourself;
  • seek more awareness and less conclusions;
  • allow for an awareness that may not be in line with what you thought initially;
  • operate from WE which includes you and everybody and everything else, which considers the long term effects of a choice on all;
  • choose to create consciously by asking questions and perceiving the effects of the creation.

What if you being you is a gift to the world and your choices (everything is a choice, conscious or unconscious) create changes that result in a sustainable future?

I would really appreciate your comments on this post. What contribution can you be to creating this workshop?

About the Author

Corinna Stoeffl is a dynamic workshop facilitator and gives talks about subjects such as Being You, Leadership, and Money. Being happy herself, she is inspiring people to create a life that is filled with joy, fun, and wealth. She knows, this is not the standard way of looking at life, yet it is so much more exciting.

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