Here are books, CD’s, digital downloads and ‘episodes’ on the Access TV channel that I would recommend. Some items may be listed twice since they are available through the Access Consciousness shop and through Amazon (book and/or Kindle version) and I am affiliate with both. Periodically, I will update/change the TV ‘episodes’ as new ones are usually coming out when there is a core class taught by either Gary Douglas or Dr. Dain Heer. Enjoy the browsing.

Being You, Changing The World

Being You, Changing the World

This book is also available as an Audio Book

I keep reading this book over and over, getting new insights every time.

The Place


The Place

Normally, one would call this book a Phantasy Novel. Yet is it?
The more I read this book, the deeper it goes.

Money Isn't The Problem, You Are

Money isn’t the Problem, You Are!

How many of us wish we had more money available. Interestingly, it does not actually matter how much money you have, mostly the wish for more of it is still there. I find it full of interesting information and tools to begin tackling the “Money Issue”

Right Body For You

Right Body for You

How often do we wish our bodies would look differently? This book offers the story how one woman, Donnielle Carter, came to like her body as it is. Gary Douglas offers tools that Donnielle used, on how to get there.




Leading from the Edge of Possibility

An somewhat unusual approach to business for those that are in business. Yet the authors are highly successful and sought after coaches.

Joy of Business

Joy of Business
This book is also available as an Audio Book.

Another book on business with the unusual perspective of business being joyful. Why else do it?

Here are a few more books that deal with issues I would recommend to read. Some of them I use in workshops I teach. Otherwise, just browse the Access Consciousness store and find what speaks to you.

Conscious Parents, Conscious Kids

Divorceless Relationship


Magic. You are It. Be It.

Talk to the Animals

Ten Keys to Total Freedom (as a tele-call series)

12 Steps to creating a business that works (as a tele-call series)

Being You, Erasing Fear Once and for All (call and processes)

The Penny Capitalist
This book had been out of print and used copies costed up to $900. Access Consciousness decided to re-print the book.

The above is just  small selection I created for you. I invite you to browse the Access Consciousness Shop with all their audios of absolutely fantastic calls (mp3’s), books and incredible classes (link so you can watch them)

On the Access Consciousness TV Channel. Once there, you can browse for other ‘episodes’ that might be of interest to you. They are all available for free. Enjoy!

Pragmatic Psychology- Creating Ease with the Crazy in Your Life!

Hocus Pocus Mental Diagnosis

Right Riches for You with Curry Glassell

Relating to Others with Ease with Kass Thomas

Enjoy talking to your body

Playing with Intimacy (not what you might think at first glance)