Past Newsletters

Here are the links to my past newsletters. Most of them had a section on a specific subject, a recommendation, and some information. If there is a specific theme, I will mention it besides the month. Enjoy the browsing.


January Self-Judgment

February Change

April Creating Your Life

June Accumulation

July Change

August From Dying to Flying

September Freedom to Choose

October Let go of judgment

November Changing things

December Gratitude


January Creating streams of income

February Creating, part 1

March Creating your life

April Creating, part 2

May new tools from a recent class

June Conclusions

July Changes


September Choice leads to Awareness

October JAILS

November Problems

December Comfortable distance


January  Being a Leader in your life

 February  Anger

March Dissatisfaction

April Being You Adventure

May Potency

June Receiving

July  Back Door in Life

August  Hiding

September  Views about Your Body

October  Access Bars®

November  Chaos and Order

December  Acts of Consciousness


January Questions

February Choice

March Awareness

April Money

May Change

July (wrongly dated)

December  Commitment to your life


January Creating Change

February Kingdom of We

March Judgment

April Vulnerability

May Receiving

July Connection to the Earth

August Being Present

September Being Humble

October Mimicry

November Selfjudgment

December Consciousness


July Intro to Access Consciousness®

September Access The Bars®

October Awareness re the earth