Access Consciousness®

Access Consciousness® was founded about 28 years ago by Gary Douglas. It is a set of tools,
techniques and a way of looking at the world that you can apply anywhere in your life. How often did you want to change something, yet had little or no success at all? Access targets the root of it, the judgments that limit and block us. By  looking at life’s issues from a completely different perspective and sensing the energy of an issue instead of using the brain to think, it becomes easy to clear the points of view that keep us stuck. A new possibility can show up, another way to deal with a challenge.

When I came across Access Consciousness® in February 2012, I liked what I read. There are many people who say many things, so I wondered does it work? I subscribed to a number of free items and began to learn. At one point, I observed myself heading down a path I had taken before quite often. I decided to use one of the tools. Instead of ending up in despair, I was able to stay in a happy place. That sold me. I began to purchase some audios and quickly decided to take the Bars class. In October of that year, I became an Access Bars™ Facilitator, 2 months later a Body Process Facilitator. Since August 2013, I am a Certified Facilitator. The most important aspect of Access is to remember to ask questions. We are so used to going to conclusion and answer. This means a habit needs to be changed which can take time. When I am together with people, I notice how much I am changing.

From my perspective, there is one big difference with Access. There is no preaching, no shoulds; their target is “Empowering people to know that they know™”. Instead of telling me what to do, I am invited to use the tools they have come up with. The main one is to ask questions and be in the question. If I do this, I find out that I actually do know what to do and how to do it. Access practitioners tend to live their lives aware of how their choices impact others, while at the same time allowing others to live their lives as they see fit.

When I talk with others about Access Consciousness, I find they look for how it might be similar to something they know. Only, Access is in a class by itself. It does not have a structure or a set of beliefs one has to go by in order to be part of the group. Access is constantly evolving, there are no conclusions which limit you. The one thing that seems to be so prevalent in our world is absent: judgment. Can you imagine how it feels to be around people who do not judge? What about being invited to be all I can be. Both feel wonderful.
I invite you to read more about how Access Consciousness is different from other modalities.

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