Reason & Justification

Have you ever wanted to change something in your life and nothing actually changed? Hmmm, I have been there. I remember when I said I would do ……  differently if …….. (fill in the blank). Only, even the external situation changed, I still did not do …… differently.

Have you ever said something like that?

How much are we entrained to think that it is something outside of us that makes us change? Is that true? There may be cases where it is seemingly true, yet in the end it was a choice that was made. The outside circumstances may just have become too ‘painful’ that we were no longer willing to live with that ‘pain’.

Each one of us has a logic we use to talk ourselves out of things, out of choice. Those are our reasons and justifications. There is nothing wrong with it, as long as we are honest that, actually, we do not want to make that different choice, at least not yet.

Based on the changes I created in my life and my increased awareness in regards to my reasons and justifications, I am asking you a question: What would happen if you made that choice? I remember the times when making that choice was uncomfortable for me and, in the end, I gained more freedom. The uncomfortable comes from finding yourself in unfamiliar territory, from others not liking that you are changing. As long as you don’t change, they do not have to look at that possibility. Once you do, they have to make a choice; even if all of it is on a non cognitive level.

At this point in my life, I am facing the choice: do I step into what I know I am or do I stay smaller in order to not have to deal with the repercussions of the first option. I am keenly aware of having chosen not to step up and the consequences of not doing it are no longer acceptable. (It almost feels like I am talking myself into it right now. How funny!) I have a vision of a world I would like to create, to co-create with others. It’s a world where the Kingdom of We is present, a world where kindness is present and judgment is absent.

Are we afraid to let our lights shine? The consequence of that is that those who hate the light will grow bolder and more destructive. Is that what we desire or are we willing to let go of all our reasons and justifications and just go for it? There is no one way, there is just your personal way to bring forth the greatness that you are. That goes for everyone of us.

Will you join me?


About the Author

Corinna Stoeffl is a dynamic workshop facilitator and gives talks about subjects such as Being You, Leadership, and Money. Being happy herself, she is inspiring people to create a life that is filled with joy, fun, and wealth. She knows, this is not the standard way of looking at life, yet it is so much more exciting.

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