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Question of the day (selection 4)

If you have any feedback for me how these questions are working for you, I would appreciate hearing it. Here is to another week:

Question of the Day: What is true for me that I have never been willing to acknowledge?

I am amazed to discover how thoroughly I have accepted the “truth that certain things can’t be done”, yet I am beginning find out that is not necessarily so. What do you find out if you sit with the question?

Question of the Day: What potency do I have that I am not willing to acknowledge?

This one ties in with the one from yesterday. Again, what belief are you willing to suspend? What are you finding out when you do?

Question of the day: What would I do if I knew I could not fail?

How much do we hold ourselves back because we are afraid to fail? If we accept the premise of choice, is failure even possible? From my perspective it is not. The result of every choice leads to an awareness, therefore we know more that we did before. That can’t be a failure 🙂

Question of the day: What possibility can I see today that is greater than I ever imagined?

This is definitely one I am paying attention to. How quickly do we come to conclusions about what is possible and what not. There is the limitation, because nothing that does not fit within those parameters can show up. My target is to keep asking questions. The energetic awareness that comes from that opens up new possibilities.

Question of the day: What new reality can I actualize?

What do I mean with new reality? We have many conclusions as to what is possible and what not; as to how things work or are supposed to be. A new reality would be one that recognized that these are just points of view and goes beyond them. Are you willing to push the edges of your reality?

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