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Question of the day (selection 1)

How can I get into the habit of posting on a daily basis? The reality is that I am posting on a daily basis, just not here in this blog. So I have been looking over all the ‘Question of the day’ posts I have done on my Being in Awareness page on Facebook since mid June. For starters, I will select a few of them and re-post them here on a weekly basis.

Since today is Thanksgiving, let’s start with this new one:
Question of the day: What would total gratitude, for myself and everything in my life, look like, feel like, and be like?
Today, being Thanksgiving, this is the question to consider. Yet, what would be if we would have Thanksgiving on a daily basis? What if we had gratitude for everything in out lives on a daily basis? Would that not only change our lives, how we felt each day, but also have an impact on the lives of those around us? What would it take to have that kind of gratitude?

Here are some re-posts:
Question of the day: What would it take for me to choose the oneness and consciousness I truly be?
If I am Oneness, then I am in communion with everything. I can communicate with all, ask question, get awareness. How would life be different if I can live from that place? One step at the time; each day remembering this and being in that space, even if it’s only for a minute.

Question of the day: What does my reality look like and feel like?
The key word here is MY. Our realities have so much stuff that we have absorbed from others, beginning with out parents, teachers, ministers and other important people in our lives. But what does MY reality look like? What is important to ME? It’s worth some exploration because how else can I know what I would like in my life.

Question of the day: Am I willing to step into my infinite capacities today?
What capacities do I have as an infinite being? Am I willing to acknowledge them and step into using them? Even if that means I will not fit in? Or is fitting in the most important thing for me?

About the Author

Corinna Stoeffl is a dynamic workshop facilitator and gives talks about subjects such as Being You, Leadership, and Money. Being happy herself, she is inspiring people to create a life that is filled with joy, fun, and wealth. She knows, this is not the standard way of looking at life, yet it is so much more exciting.

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