Meditation with the Earth

7 days of meditating with the earth

What would that create for you and the earth?

Meditating with the earth is a way to deeply connect with the earth and allow her to touch us in ways we have not yet explored. The earth is so willing to contribute to us if we are just willing to receive it.

The meditations will be anywhere between 15 and max 30 minutes and you will receive the audio files for each day.

The cost is $17 for the 7 days.

Not ready to just jump? Would you like to know what you are getting yourself into"

Here is a Free Meditation for you to check out.

Times and Dates: Monday 4/12 through Sunday 4/18

Monday through Sunday: 5pm MDT each day

Corinna's Earth meditations get my day started in such a loving, clear, connected way and it only takes a few minutes. So easy to fit into my busy schedule, and they create peace and a oneness with the Earth for the rest of the day.

Shereen N.