Gift to the Earth by Being You

How do we gift to the Earth?

Can we have communion with the Earth?

Communion means to have absolutely no point of view.

During class, we will explore these two questions experientially; not by talking about it, by you experiencing it for yourself.

Are you being who you are or are you what others expect you to be?

Are there any benefits to being your authentic self? 

We'll explore these 2 questions  in depth during class.

You probably wonder how you would know if you are being you? Here is a video by Dr. Dain Heer, the creator of the Being You classes, that beautifully answers this question.

There is a quote by Albert Einstein that has become a favorite of mine: "We can not solve our problems from the same level of consciousness that created them." So many of us truly care about the earth and the world. At the same time, we may not have any idea of who we truly are. We have learned to fit in. Therefore we are still operating from the level of consciousness of the world we are fitting in with. What if this could be changed by becoming who we truly are?

What are we capable of 

when we are who we truly are?

You will go home not only with this new awareness about you and how you can gift to the earth, and creating your relationship with her. You will also go home with some physical goodies: the Being You Workbook, a workbook with earth exercises, the book "Being You - Changing the World" by Dr. Dain Heer, the creator of the Being You classes, the book "The Place" by Gary Douglas the founder of Access Consciousness® and a bag to carry it all. I will record the class and send you a download link.