Getting out of JAIL

Is your life in a rut that is boring you?

Are you attempting to change it?

Is it not working as well as you hoped?

Do you feel like you are in a JAIL?

Would you like to find out how to get out of it?

In this zoom call, we will explore what creates that JAIL and clear what keeps you in it, so you can begin to create the change you would like to have.

I just recently learned about these JAILS and, one by one, I am letting myself out of them. Things I had been unable to change are beginning to change which makes me really happy. What could getting out of JAIL create for you?

JAIL is an acronym for judgments, agendas, inventions, and lies. All four of them are subtle in the way they take you prisoner.

Date & Time: Tuesday, 11/14 at 7pm MT
Place: your home, your computer
Receive: the audio of the Zoom call within 48 hours

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Additional dates:
Wednesday, 11/22 at 19 CET in German