Exploring Natural Living Expanded

For about 18 months, Marianne De Maeyer and I have been offering Facebook Lives on a weekly basis (past events are on YouTube). For 2022, we plan on changing this up. We will still offer the FB Lives, though in a shorter format, and in addition offer on Thursdays an exploration of the Tuesday event. Diving deeper into the subject area, looking at it from all kinds of angles.

Both of us seem to be Futurists, therefore we offer this on the basis of you gifting what the session is providing for you. The money raised will be gifted by us to an organization that supports the Earth / Nature. We will let you know here to whom funds go and how much.

Fr the time being, we ask you to sign up for that weeks exploration. We will create  the possibility to get past explorations based on the same gifting system. Once it is set up, there will be a link here.

Since we are using my zoom account and cart, I am receiving all the emails (necessary to send the information about the download link) After the email with the download link is sent, I will delete the names. Neither one of us has the intention to use this to build an email list this way. 

We invite you to check out my home page where you can subscribe to a monthly newsletter, find the freebees and to go over to Marianne's site and check out what she offers.

The weekly event, starting 1/13 will be on Thursdays at this time (disregard that the link says the event is passed).

Also be aware that your registration gives us the permission to share the video with those who are also on the call. We will make the videos available later for people who were not on the call and therefore we are using the webinar format. If you do not want to be heard, I would suggest that you writ your question in Q&A and we just read it. This protects your privacy.