Creating Your Life – Call Series

We all are creating our lives, consciously or unconsciously.

In this 3 part call series, I will look at two tools to create with and one we tend to use to sabotage ourselves. 

So often we wonder what it takes, what is necessary to create our lives, to make the changes we would like to see. Choice and gratitude are two major tools to accomplish that. The choice for something different is the basis. And there are different ways to choose; some more effective that others. 

Gratitude is an incredible helper. Not only will gratitude for even a small change accelerate the whole process, it tells the Universe that this is the direction you really want to go in. The more gratitude you have, the happier you get, the easier it is to change.

We are masters of subtelty. Belief systems we are not cognitively aware of are so often the reason for not succeeding with a cognitively intended change. Indirectly we are saying to ourselves: Yes, I want to create my life and change and, actually, I do not want to because then I would be too potent and could no longer pretend that I am pathetic, or not in charge, or...... whatever our personal reason is for not following through.

Personally, I wanted change and it was frustrating to no end if things did not change. What I got to recognized was that somewhere I had an expectation on how the change had to look like. When it did not look like that, it was not real. Or I wanted change without really wanting too much change. I did not want to look at the fact that I was actually a potent creator and that my life was exactly as I desired it. Talk about unconsciously sabotaging myself for years.

Only when I made the choice to be fully present with myself did things to start really change and even change faster than I expected.

WHere would you like to go? Create your life, change as necessary, learn new tools and ways to look at the world? Would you like to know how we sabotage ourselves so you can make a different choice?