Being Your Authentic Self

Are you looking for that “something” you know should be possible? What if that “something” is actually YOU? What if you truly being you, allows to create the change in your life you desire. You being different has a ripple effect, it touches others, even the world as the ripples spread outwards.

How many projections from others have we made real? How many definitions of who we have to be in order to be acceptable to others and / or liked by others? Most of them are based on the lenses through which they look at the world, yet they have nothing to do with who we really are. We have been taught that how others see us is correct. Really!? Is that true? 

What if you can have the freedom that truly being you brings? What if you could have ease with all that you do because you know who you are? You can be your own authority. I am beginning to experience this. What if, without the constant self-judgment, life could be an adventure? What if joy and laughter could be present most of the time? I know it sounds impossible, yet it has become true for me. This does not mean I don't have any emotional ups and downs, they just don't last as long as they used to because I know I can change them.

I offer  introductory workshops that focuses on aspects of becoming your authentic self, as well as one day workshops. Check the length of time below to find out which one is coming up.

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Choosing to work in the gift economy does not mean I offer items for free. Rather it means you choose the fee based on what a similar item or course would cost, more, less, or zero depending what You feel is fair. I trust that the amount you choose represents your commitment to fully utilize the information. You can read more about my thinking on this page.