Abuse Hold

Have you ever experienced abuse?

There is more than just physical or sexual abuse. Often we tend to not pay as much attention to those. There is psychological abuse, emotional abuse, financial abuse, to name just a few. There is gaslighting, a way to make you believe you are a bad person no one would like, you are crazy or any other form of you doubting you to give the other total control over you.

Abuse is basically present any time that you, as a person, are invalidated.

One of the abuses we so often overlook is the self-abuse. It is not something we do cognitively. Yet, how often have you judged yourself? Often? Constantly? It does not matter how often you do it, every time you judge yourself, you are invalidating yourself and that is abusive.

All these kinds of abuse get locked into your body. As much as talking about it may help to let go of some of the psychological aspects of it, unless you also deal with what is locked into the body, you are not completely free of it if something triggers the body memory.

The abuse hold is a gentle way to to hold your body in a caring, nurturing way that invites it to release any trauma.

There is some preparation necessary for you to get the most out of the Abuse Hold. Please order the this digital download and listen to it at least 30 times. You can loop the audio and 'listen' to it on low volume while you sleep for the majority of these 30 times. And I would recommend to listen to it cognitively 5 times. What you hear may initially not make any sense and it addresses the energies of the abuse.