Are you aware that the earth is asking for a contribution from you?

Can you perceive what she needs from you?

Are you aware that the earth would like to contribute to you?

Are you willing to ask for it and receive it? 

During the 5 day ‘Communion with the Earth’ workshop we will explore these questions and others through conversation and spending time in nature.

  • Are you ready to get out of your head for a while and step into communion?  We have so many answers in our heads and we look at the world through the lenses of those answers. As a result, we can not perceive all that could be available to us and/or is requested from us. Would being able to perceive that create more in your life? Might there be the possibility of having more ease?
  • Are you ready to explore the difference between communication and communion?  It is exactly this difference that had me choose Communion for the title of the workshop.
  • Would spending time in nature in a totally different way be a contribution to you?

Join us in this adventure and learn tools, tools that work for your connection with the earth and that are also applicable in other areas of life.

The structure of the ‘Communion with the Earth’ workshop is a meeting in the morning when we will be looking at what communion can be and what is in the way of it. In the afternoon you are free to spend time in Nature, being with the conversation of the morning and a question and go deeper in your own way. Depending on the group desire, we may come back together in the evening, for dinner and/or afterwards, to share experiences from the afternoon.

Times and Dates:
Investment in you: $750
Additional short workshops related to the theme:

The Zoom platform is an easy way to look at additional issues regarding how to be in Communion with the Earth that can be dealt with in a shorter time. Please pay and register early enough, so I can send you the information on how to join.

A City Slicker and the Earth:
Are you living in the city with either no access to nature or only a city park? Are you wondering how you could have a connection to and communion with the earth on a daily basis?
Join us an introductory class to find out what is possible, how much you can connect with the earth and how you can contribute to the earth.


Time and Date: 2/25 at 7pm MT
Theme: A City Slicker and the Earth
Location: your home, you computer
Investment in you: $75