Access Consciousness Foundation

Foundation is the second class in the series of Access Consciousness core classes. In this 4 day class you will begin to look at life differently, begin to see the points of view that limit you and what can be changed that would allow the possibility for you to function from the four key concept in Access: question, choice, possibility, and contribution. The awareness of what it means to truly create our life as we desire it begins to grow. You will deepen your awareness of the infinite being you are and the infinite choice you have. You will discover “What Else is Possible?”.

It is amazing how many limitations we have absorbed and all the ways they can show up in our lives. What could you create if you let go of them? How much fun could your life become? I don't mean the fun we have on the weekend or when we are on vacation. I mean how much fun could daily life be?

The class will give you tools and processes so your ‘live comes to you with joy, ease and glory’.™

All classes with Access Consciousness are uniquely created by the people who come to the class. Therefore no two classes are the same, even if they have the same title.

As a certified facilitator, I teach Foundation. It usually goes from about 9:30am to about 6pm on all days with a 90 min lunch break. The actual time depends on the number of questions participants bring.

Here are some of the many subject areas that we will be looking at and covering:

  • 4 questions to function from
  • 10 Keys to Freedom
  • Body Processes
  • Language (the true meaning of some words we use)
  • a look at beliefs and points of view we have in certain areas
  • questions to use
  • Oneness
  • distractions from being fully us
  • Aging
  • Judgment
  • Relationship and Intimacy
  • Ideals


Pre-requisite: Access Bars®
Date & Time:  11/24 - 29  8am - 12pm MST
Price: $1600 ($800 if repeating within 12 months)
Location: online, your computer or live as the situation permits

"Just finished a kick-butt Foundation class with Corinna. She excelled at presenting the basic Access tools and concepts in everyday terms and was also willing to dive deep and wide into wherever I asked to go. After this Foundation, I am much more present in my body and have more calm and ease with myself. I feel less run by old behavior patterns and more able to choose for me. I'm excited to see what more I'll choose to change after this class."

Kristen T.