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Awareness and questions as a result of the events in Paris

It’s been quite some time since my last blog post and I guess it may continue to be irregular, sometimes several in a row and then nothing for a while. I posted the thoughts below in a Facebook Community I started a few weeks ago: Benevolent Leadership

For the past few months, someone I respect a lot, had, at times, an energy I did not understand and so I wondered about it. That was until yesterday, when that energy arose in me: an incredible intensity that moved me to use tools I had to be with the events in Paris.
Paris and FB posts I read triggered it, yet it is not only Paris where this insanity is showing itself. It is all over the Middle East, it is in the area of India and its neighbors, it is in Asia and in Europe and in the USA. It is a global phenomenon. Each place has their unique way of insanity, which is expressed through terrorist attacks, through rape, through abuse, through plundering and perpetrated on people and the earth with all the animals, plants and other resources.
Already sitting with questions, receiving an email from the founder of Access Consciousness had me sit with even more, primarily around how have I contributed to this and what am I called to be and do as a benevolent leader? I belief in past lives and know that, over time, I have been and done pretty much everything, been on each side of the different coins. I have no answers for the moment. All I know is that I need to step it up, be more of who I truly be and up the questions I ask. I do not ask every moment what to be, do or say right now that will create change, yet so often I do it in hindsight wondering what I could have…. I know I care too much to not challenge myself to be more.

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