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Earth Consciousness

Are you conscious of the Earth? Do you know that the Earth is conscious of you? In light of that, what is possible that we have not yet considered? How many definitions, expectations and conclusions do we have that do not allow us to recognize possibilities that fall outside of those parameters?  What if the earth is a […]

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Going back to Normal

Right now, after 6 weeks of lock down and social distancing due to Covid-19, I hear many people talking about and wishing for being able to go back to normal. What does “normal” mean? Yet is it even possible to go back to that world? For the past 6 weeks we could not do or go […]

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Benevolent Leadership

What does benevolent leadership mean? The original meaning of the word benevolent comes from the Latin ‘bene’ and ‘volent’ which together mean “wishing well for all”. In other words it is about being willing to be aware of what one’s actions create for everyone, not just for this moment, but also down the road, in […]

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